A Sigma Chi acknowledges and accepts personal responsibilities to his family, community and those who are less fortunate. We volunteer our talents, time and resources to build a better world.

LSU Lake Clean-up

The invasive weed is believed to have first arrived in the U.S. back in the 1800s. Since then, it's become a problem in seven states, including Louisiana, California and Florida.

Removing the weed is a tedious process that requires lots of helping hands. The Gamma Iota Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity at LSU pitches in.

Lutheran Cemetery Cleanup

The cemetery was founded in the late 1800s by the Lutheran Benevolent Society and served as one of the only cemeteries available for African Americans in Baton Rouge. The society no longer exists and now, Sigma Chi helps to take care of the grave site.

The U.S.S. Kidd Clean up

"What do you do when 70+ young men from Sigma Chi come aboard to lend a hand? Lots! Sweeping & scrubbing the interior decks and ladder backs, cleaning glass on ship and in the museum, trimming deck grips, sanitizing touch points, policing the grounds and riverbed for trash, and scraping the 01 Level overhangs. Bravo Zulu, Sigma Chi!!!"

-Tim NesSmith

Sigma Chi's spend the day on the ship doing basic housekeeping aboard USS KIDD (DD-661). The WWII destroyer is the centerpiece exhibit and artifact of the USS KIDD Veterans Museum, located on the Mississippi River in downtown Baton Rouge, LA. Given that the ship originally carried a crew of 330, the museum encourages the public to volunteer to help supplement their small staff.

Strong Arms for Lake Charles

The brothers of the Gamma Iota Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity at LSU, along with all Sigma Chis, grieve for the citizens of Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana. Hurricane Laura has caused incredible destruction, leaving thousands without power, housing, or basic resources. We know that the need far outweighs the help that they are receiving, so every dollar raised will make a huge impact.

We are calling on the chapters of the Southern Province, chapters across the United States, and any alumni who has the ability to help Lake Charles. There is no minimum donation, we only ask that you give if you can. We are setting an initial goal of $5000, of which 100% of the proceeds will be directed to the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana through the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. These donations will go to provide the much needed support that Southwest Louisiana needs by funding supplies, cleanup efforts, and operations for non-profits to help with the relief.

Sigma Chi is always ready with Strong Arms, and Lake Charles needs it now more than ever.